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Allie and Corben

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Our Story

Corben and Allie first met at the Barnett home back in 2013 through Corben's younger brother Bryce and his friends, but their relationship started in the most "new normal" way possible: they started chatting via Facebook during the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Through good conversation and shared experience, they were able to grow their relationship from afar. For the first two years of their journey together, Allie was in Norman going to school at the University of Oklahoma and Corben was commuting to her on weekends to spend time.

While it wasn't the easiest, they credit the long distance portion of their relationship for making their bond stronger. Corben proposed to Allie after just under a year of dating, even though he knew it was still going to be a couple of years until she graduated. He knew just how special she was from the first time he laid eyes on her.

Now, as they near the date, they're both based in Norman, OK, and they couldn't be more excited to tie the knot and share the moment with friends and family alike!